KAUDEN™ 6 Way 13Amp Slimline Surge Protected and Filtered Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Item code: PDU6/MOV

  • Horizontal 19” Rack mountable with both Surge protection and RFI Filter
  • On/Off switch . Green Surge Status Light
  • Earth Terminal incorporated
  • Surge Protected . Live to Neutral . Live to Earth . Neutral to Earth
  • Six 13 Amp sockets including 3 Metres mains cable with 13 Amp plug.


Item Code: PDU6/MOV. Category: .


This Device built to a very high standard and was designed to offer a superior level of protection.  Each of the Surge Protection Components ( VDR/MOV) is duplicated by putting two components in parallel. We have also included an input EMC filter to combat Radio Frequency Interference consisting of two X capacitors with a common mode choke to make this a truly first class piece of equipment. If the unit suffers a worst case strike then internal thermal fuses will blow and the green light will go out to warn you that it no longer functions.

A circuit to detect a disconnected earth will show up as a failure by the Earth Status Indicator not lighting up.

Dimensions Length Length With Brackets Depth Width
PDU6/MOV 6 way 440 483 46 44






Technical Spec of Surge Protection

Varistor Voltage V1ma             (V) 423-517

Maximum allowable Voltage      (V) AC=300 DC=385

Maximum Clamping Voltage      (Vc) 25A   775

Withstanding Surge Current      8/20uS         1 times 4500A 2 times 2500A

Energy      10/1000                   μs(J) 125.0

2ms                         (J) 80.0

Typical Capacitance                 pF 420


Certification and Standards

IEC 60884-1


Other standards used to assess the PDU




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