Tacima™ Advanced Surge Protector with RFI rejection

Item Code: CS923X/BP

  • RFI -Noise Reduction cable clamp filtering
  • RFI- Delta Network prevent unwanted signals interfering with your equipment.
  • Metal oxide semi-conductors absorb any unwanted energy
  • Surge protection status light
  • 2 Metres mains cable


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Specially designed for TVs and other Audio Visual equipment this device combines our Ultra-Dam Surge Protection and Radio Frequency Interference rejection system protecting delicate circuits from surges and spikes in the mains while helping to keep your sounds and images free from unwanted Radio Frequency Interference radiated through the mains supply from other appliances. Maximum Surge 4500 Amps.


Maximum Surge                        4500 Amps
Protected                                  L-N       L-E       N-E
RFI- Delta network                     X1= 0.1µf          X2= 2 x 5000 pF
2 metres mains cable                 Blister Packed


PAT Testing PDF

Information Regrading Product PAT Testing.




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