Tacima™ 6 Way Mains ConditionerTacima™ 6 Way Mains Conditioner

Tacima™ 6 Way Mains Conditioner

Item Code: CS947

  • Reducing mains borne Radio Frequency Interference helping to enhance the sound and/or picture quality
  • Surge Protection absorbing damaging mains surges and spikes
  • Gas Discharge tube technology is used to satisfy the latest safety requirements
  • Screened Mains Lead Prevents the mains lead from acting as an aerial
  • Filter Status test button to check conditioner status


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The CS947 is new Tacima Mains Conditioner for 2016 which has several new features such as added Gas Tube technology and Filter status test button. Also awarded 5 Stars by WHAT HI FI Magazine , this is an essential upgrade for any system.

Mains Conditioners aid in the reduction of mains borne Radio Frequency Interference and so helping to enhance your sound and picture quality also absorbing mains surges and spikes in the process which otherwise can cause permanent damage to valuable equipment

Ideal for  HI Fi , TV and Home Cinema applications where one  is looking for optimum performance on this type of equipment


Our filters are specifically designed to combat both “Asymmetrical” as well as “Symmetrical” interference, both being effectively suppressed by the introduction of High Frequency Capacitors and a single Choke In addition we have also incorporated an Earth Line Choke to stop interference through the mains earth line, finally we use an Screened Mains Cable to eliminate the effects of radiated noise interference.

Technical Spec

Operating Voltage           –              220-250V ac
Max Current rating          –            13A
Max Surge Protection    –              6000A
Surge Protection mode –               L-N         N-E         L-E
Gas Tube Protection                       –              N-E         L-E
Thermal fuse                     –              Protecting VDR against overload
Mains Cable                       –              Shielded with Aluminium foil
Single Stage Filter
Insertion Loss dB
150 kHz.               62
3 MHz.                  35
30 MHz.                30
1 GHz.                   15

Insertion loss measurements were carried out asymmetrically
Packaging Type:                      Blister Packed-Clam Shell
Single Item:

Dimension Dimension Weight Weight Weight Weight
Loose mm Packed Loose KG Packed Paper Plastic
438x67x32 555x167x40 1.67 2.00 0.0066 0.0216


PAT Testing Information

PAT Testing PDF

Information Regrading Product PAT Testing.