KAUDEN™ NTE5 Type Master Extension Socket

Item Code: LJ5204

  • Master type (or PSTN type) known as NTE5
  • Surface/ Flush Mounting , with backbox
  • 6 Way IDC terminal block and incoming AB terminals
  • Removable front cover
  • Comes with embedded components to ensure correct operation of the Telephone Line


Item Code: LJ5204. Category: .


Standard design used by BT and others since the 1980s and is still used today on 2 wire copper lines as a demarcation point between customer and service provider. The front plate can be replaced with a ADSL/VDSL faceplate splitter amongst other devices, It is supplied with a backbox but can also be flush mounted as required

Our version comes with a Bellwire filter to help provide protection from RFI disturbances that can affect your Broadband signal





Line in                   IDC Terminals

[] B –      ; Colour not specified

[] A        ; Colour not specified


Extensions            IDC Terminals

[] 5 –     Telephone; White wire/blue rings

[] 3 –     Telephone ; Orange wire/white rings

[] 2 –     Telephone ; Blue wire/ white rings



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