Tacima™ Plug in Mains Conditioner

Item Code: SC5723/BP

  • Just plug it in next to your equipment on the nearest available plug point.
  • Metal oxide semi-conductors absorb any unwanted energy
  • RFI-Network prevent unwanted signals interfering with your equipment.
  • Incorporates Thermal Fusing. Will prevent the circuit from overloading which can be a fire hazard.
  • Maximum surge 4500 Amps , Protected L-N L-E N-E


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Specially designed for TVs and other Audio Visual equipment this device combines our Radio Frequency Interference rejection system while also protecting delicate circuits from surges and spikes in the mains. Helping to keep your sounds and images free from unwanted Radio Frequency Interference radiated through the mains supply from other appliances . Plug in next to your Audio Visual equipment or next to any item that is suspected of giving off interference.






Operating Voltage                  220-250V ac

Max Current rating                 13A

Mains Conditioner                  Capacitor and Metal Oxide Semiconductor network

Max Surge Protection             4500 Amps      L-N




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