KA227-2 500KA227-2 500

KAUDEN™ Structured Wiring Cable Tester with advanced Power-over-Ethernet Checker

Item code: kA227

  • Test Pin Out status on RJ45 structured wiring systems. Short/Open circuit etc
  • Determine presence of live Ethernet cabling (POE) by way of 4 Way LED Matrix
  • Detects Midspan/Endspan – over Data/over Spare
  • Detects POE Pin out 1235/4578 or 4 pair
  • Detects POE being used on 802.3af or 803.3at (POE Plus) standard devices


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Our LAN tester with combined POE (Power over Ethernet) function was developed with the advent of the huge increase of Power-over-Ethernet and the need for Engineers to ascertain the presence of live Ethernet Cabling in buildings at the Port or Wall Socket. Most LED based checkers on the market only have two lights. This new model has advanced 4 X LED indication so that the exact status can be confirmed with no ambiguity. 9Volt  PP3 Battery not included. We advise Alkaline MN1604


Environmental Conditions
Operating Ambient Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Operating Humidity: Maximum 90%,non-condensing
Storage Humidity: Maximum 95%,Non-condensing
Operating Altitude: -1000 to 10,000 ft.(-304.8 to 3048 m)


CE                           complies EMC and RoSH2


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