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Tacima™ Step Down Voltage Transformer, reducing 230/240 Volts down to 110/120 Volts – for using USA Equipment in the UK up to a maximum load of 500VA

Item Code: SC5476/2

  • Can be used continuously – an important point
  • Low Magnetic field and particularly suited for IT and Audio Visual equipment due to our use of Toroidal technology. No loud humming or buzzing
  • More energy efficient than traditional laminated technology sometimes used on cheaper transformers, saving you money £££$$$
  • Incorporates UK 13 Amp plug and USA 3 pin socket (accepts 2 or 3 pin USA plug) and double fused for extra safety. 2 Metres of cable attached
  • Input -220/240V A.C. 50/60 Hz – Output-110/120V A.C. 50/60 Hz- Max Load 500VA


Item Code: SC5476/2. Categories: , .


Allowing North American equipment rated at 110/120 Volts to be used in the UK. Made in the UK to strict UK and EU Standards and used by Governments and Organizations worldwide where quality is paramount.

Our Step up and Step down transformers are technically known as Autotransformers which are single non-isolated windings that do not provide isolation between the input and output. For electrical items which may be frequency dependent please be aware that the UK supply frequency will be 50Hz. and not 60Hz. In the USA the frequency will be 60Hz. In other words the frequency is not converted by the transformer and remains as per the country that you are using the equipment


Part Number SC5476/2
Maximum Load 500VA
Number of Sockets 2
Input Fuse (BS1362 Style)
5 Amp (UK Plug Fuse)
Output Fuse (20mmx5mm) 5 Amp (Anti Surge/Slow Blow)
Cable Length Approx 2 Mtr
Net Weight 2.83Kg
Dimension 115(H) x 135(Dia) mm
Colour Black


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