Kauden™ VDSL/ADSL Broadband Splitter Plate

Item Code: LJ5208V

  • Plugs in to existing main socket in building
  • Compatible with all existing VDSL systems
  • Ideal for BT Infinity and similar superfast services (trade mark is property of the respective owner and we do not claim any endorsement from said Company for our product)
  • Backwards compatible with all older systems like ADSL
  • Terminals available for extension sockets and Broadband on the rear of the plate


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Designed to be plugged into the telecom providers NTE5 Master Socket, replacing the existing front cover.  The splitter plate provides separation and filtration of the VDSL-ADSL/telephone signal to give you optimum performance on your network .  Your Router or modem can now be plugged directly into the Master socket adaptor plate which offers a better connection as it is no longer reliant on plug in filters, cheap dongles or unreliable extension wiring which are often the cause of poor performance. The product is UL94V0 rated for Flame Retardency.




5208v spec




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