KaudenLJ5213J 500x500KaudenLJ5213J 500x500

Kauden™ VDSL/ADSL Broadband Filter- leaded version

Item Code: LJ5213J

  • VDSL Filter backwards compatible with older ADSL versions
  • Ideal for BT Infinity and similar superfast services (trade mark is property of the respective owner and we do not claim any endorsement from said Company for our product)
  • Optimize your signal where wrong Filter has been provided
  • Incorporates RJ11 plug leading to BT and RJ11 socket as standard for UK
  • Conforms to the latest BT SIN 498 VDSL standard


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Designed to be plugged into standard UK telecom sockets for the latest Broadband, the VDSL/ASDL filter provides separation and filtration of the Broadband and telephone signal so that both Telephone Line and the Broadband Line operate normally. Incorporates short lead with UK style telephone plug , one UK filtered Telephone socket and one Rj11 socket for the Broadband side.






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