Above Ground Closure for use with Gel Filled Crimps on Telecommunications networks

Item Code: LX24

  • Weatherproof, hinged and designed to accommodate 8A style and other Gel filled crimps
  • Used to join/junction Drop wires and other Communications/ Telephone cables
  • Ideal for Aerial and underground use , outside Plant , under eaves or on poles
  • Options for 1 2 or 3 cable entry points . Product Dimensions – 150x36x24mm
  • Instruction video available which gives advice and shows all permutations


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Widely used on buildings where communications wires and drop wires have to be joined externally. Gel Crimps themselves offer a degree of protection against the elements but still need to be contained and this enclosure is ideal. It used extensively by Openreach and endorsed by them . Complies with BT Specification LN684 issue3 2005.






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