KAUDEN™ 66B Style Above Ground External Enclosure for use with Gel Filled Crimps

Item Code: LX66B

  • Generally known as BT 66B in the trade and widely use by major Telco’s
  • Used externally as an enclosure for 8A, 8B, UY2 and all similar Gel filled crimps
  • 3 cable entry points with slide on lid and locating screw. Max Cable Diameter = 12mm
  • Supplied with 3 cable clamps and fixing screws
  • Made from grey UV stabilized ABS. Dimensions = 125x90x42mm
  • This item is not IP Rated and is not suitable for mains cabling


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Originally designed for use with BT style block screw terminal 1A and 2A but now widely used to house Gel Filled Crimps on buildings where communications wires have to be joined externally.

Gel Crimps themselves offer a degree of protection against the elements but still need to be contained and this enclosure is ideal.





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