4 Gang Surge Protected 5 Metre Extension4 Gang Surge Protected 5 Metre Extension

4 Gang Surge Protected 5 Metre Extension

Item Code: TC402-5-G


Item Code: TC402-5-G. Category: .


4 Gang Surge Protected 5 Metre Extension Supplied In a Clear Polybag.

Metal Oxide Semiconductors    
These devices absorb any unwanted energy and therefore protect your Computer. Most Surge Protectors utilize these type of components.

Surge Protection status light
A Green light “on” indicates that the Surge Protection Circuitry is working and functional and that no worse case surges or spikes have occurred. In the event of a worst case surge a thermal fusing will close down the Metal Oxide Semiconductors and the Green light will go out to inform the user that this event has taken place.


Voltage                                              240 V
Current                                             13A
Protected                                          L-N
Max Surge                                        6000A
Thermal fusing incorporated
Surge status indicator                     Green light=OK
Mains flex:                                        5 Metres


 PAT Testing PDF

Information Regrading Product PAT Testing.