Tacima™ 6 Way Surge ProtectorTacima™ 6 Way Surge Protector

Tacima™ 6 Way Surge Protector

Item Code: TC602-BP

  • Ideal for all Computer and Audio Visual equipment
  • Protecting sensitive electronic circuits
  • Metal oxide semi-conductors absorb any unwanted energy
  • Surge protection status light to indicate functionality
  • 2 metres mains cable


Item Code: TC602-BP. Category: .


Ideal for all Computer and Audio Visual equipment, Surge Protectors are used in the Office and Home to protect Computer, Hi Fi and Audio visual equipment, absorbing mains surges and spikes which can cause permanent damage to valuable items . Maximum Surge 6000 Amps


Voltage                                       240 V
Current                                      13A
Protected                                   L-N
Max Surge                                 6000A
Thermal fusing incorporated
Surge status indicator              Green light=OK
Mains flex:                                 2 Metres


 PAT Testing PDF

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