KAUDEN™ RJ45 Dual Plug Type Crimping ToolKAUDEN™ RJ45 Dual Plug Type Crimping Tool

KAUDEN™ RJ45 Dual Plug Type Crimping Tool

Item Code: XT486

  • For use with standard RJ45 and extended earth clip type as used on latest CAT6A/7 plugs
  • Special crimping function for extended metal plug grounding clip/tail
  • Switch between plug types by adjusting screw.
  • Release lock button
  • Also crimps Rj11/12 plugs


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As well as the standard RJ45 plug this tool also allows one to crimp the new type of RJ45 plug as used on outsized CAT6A and CAT7 Cables. This newer type plug has an extended earth clip and no cable clamp as seen on normal RJ45 plugs. This tool works on these plugs by moving the tool from standard plug to CAT6A/ CAT7 setting and so removing the steel pin that pushes down on the standard RJ45 plug cable clamp (use positive screwdriver for adjusting screw)

A neat ground crimp function will neatly clamp the earth clip/tails around the cable for a nice professional finish

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